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A Few Words About AI

AI is here and has infiltrated the writing world. It can rewrite your entire sentence, paragraph or chapter. Some authors are viewing it as a “collaborating ally”. Some are using it to do their research. Others say it helps them over their ‘writer’s block’. Still some say it is the ‘now’ factor of writing.

I have mixed feelings about it. All of it. I still like going to the library to do the majority of my research. I love the smell of libraries and pursuing though books. I do go to Google for minor lookups when writing, but would never do all my research online. I don’t trust it. Many writers who have degrees, hold English degrees as well, such as myself. I certainly do not claim to know every single grammar rule, but I will say I am comfortable enough in my writing to know if I’m doing something terribly wrong. I admit, I will use autocorrect, but not always.

I teach new writers how to overcome their own writer’s blocks. If AI does that for you, what are you learning? You know, the whole teach a man to fish thing? I teach new writers how to think, critical thinking is key to writing, and having AI do it for you, takes away creativity. 

Which brings me to my next point. I do not want help from a program that is going to take away my creativity. Perhaps for non-fiction writers who solely rely on facts, this could be an ally, but for fiction writers, I don’t see how it helps. I don’t want it character building or plot enhancing. If I cannot do these things as a writer, then I have no business being a writer, or in that matter, a coach.

On to that, my Timely Talents business, I can promise you, as your writing coach, that I will not use AI in any of my works or in coaching your works. And I want you to be very careful when hiring a writing coach (especially a ghostwriter) who will sit back, take your money and let AI do all the work. 

Should you ever decide it’s time to write and you chose to go with someone beside me, please at least reach out as I can find a reputable list of writing coaches that feel the way I do.

Until next time…

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01 июл.

AI is really taking over the world in every aspect I feel. Love the read! Very interesting 😁

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