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Bats, Burgers and Other B Words

The bats ate the burgers on biscuits because the buns were burnt.

Huh? Has Joyce Ann finally lost her mind?

No, not yet anyway. Although, some may disagree.

You know when you do an aerobics class or workout at the gym, there are ‘cool down’ exercises you should do? This is the same thing for your brain. After a day or steady hours of writing, your brain needs a ‘cool down’ exercise before returning to your regularly scheduled life.

I honestly do not know if this exercise really exists (I haven’t been able to find it) or if I invented it, but I call it “Bats, Burgers and Other B Words” and as you can see the example. The idea behind it is to rewire your brain from all that logical, organized thinking writing necessitates, and brings back the brain to everyday conversations. By writing something illogical off the top of your head, you are cooling down your brain. Of course you can use any letter, I like using B because the options are many. Let’s take N. Nerds navigate north nightly because noses need nothing. Don’t think, just pick a letter and type. The idea is to not think logically, you’ve already done that for the day.

This is also a great exercise for those whose jobs make those brain cells work overtime. You don’t necessarily have to write it down. Think of a few on your way home from work, in the shower, cooking dinner, or when you have a hard time falling asleep.

Writing is fun and rewarding but it can be overtaxing on the brain. On a productive writing day, I will write anywhere between 5,000-7,000 words which includes revision, outlines and research notes. So, when I start feeling my brain is a bit heavy, I know it’s time to cool down and put it aside for a while. So it is truly a relief to think of something easy, fun and completely nonsensical to make that heaviness lift. 

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!! 

Until next time….

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