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Building Your Toolbox

Every profession has a toolbox filled with necessary things to refine their craft. My husband is an automotive technician and has a HUGE toolbox that, in my opinion, can put a motor in it and drive.

Anyway, I digress, we also need to have a toolbox filled with the necessities to refine our craft. So, over the next two months, we will build your toolbox.

The first item needed, and it may sound silly, is a pen and paper set. Having a notebook, journal or scrap paper is important for jotting down ideas, characters, plots, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Finding the right paper can help encourage you to write. I have a couple of favorites. Both are Harry Potter themed, but I enjoy writing my ideas in them. I imagine J. K. Rowling writing her story on napkins and now I’m writing in notebooks inspired by her stories. As for pens, my favorite was a gel pen, but now, it is the Parker pen, with my name engraved on it, given to me by my niece for my graduation.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorites with back-to-school sales. Find what works for you and add them to your toolbox.

Until next time…

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