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Do I Need A Degree To Write?

The simple answer is no. I’m sure the majority of authors do not have a MFA. And having a MFA doesn’t mean the author gets paid more. So why spend the money to go to school? There are many reasons. Some want to teach English or Creative Writing. Others want to learn the basics of how to write. 

Why am I writing about this? It came to me after a conversation I had yesterday with a friend who is considering dropping out of the master program due to time constrictions. Part of her feels she needs this, part of her wants to wait till her kids are grown and part of her feels she can navigate the writing world without a MFA. I’ve seen her writing and she has talent. I told her whatever her decision, should she need help along the way, I’m here for her.


I’ve been writing songs and short stories for over 45 years. I have won writing contests. I have had a couple of songs played on the radio. In all honesty (and tooting my own horn), I really don’t need a MFA to write. I have a natural talent. Something I have been told from teachers, friends, readers and, of course, my biggest fan, mom. But with every talent, with every passion, there is that hunger to learn more. To be better than I was yesterday. 

And I think that to be true with any passion you have. Any natural talent you have. You have to nurture it and hone it. My niece and daughter have a natural talent for drawing. My mother, rest her soul, also had a natural talent for drawing, in fact, she drew the cover of my first novella. People commissioned her to paint their pets. My mother did not have a degree. My niece has a BA in Graphics Design and my daughter is currently seeking a degree in web design.

So, while I don’t need a MFA to write or to run my consultation business,Timely Talents,I'm doing this to learn as much as I can about not only writing, but the entire writing business. I could simply put NT after my name (natural talent), but that’s not as impressive to people.

Moral of this story is find your passion, your natural talent, hone it and turn it into a dream and follow it. It is never too late to learn something new, and of course, I will help in any way I can.

Until next time…

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