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Don’t Let the Holidays Stop You from Writing

Let’s say you have begun a work, you have been attentive to it, making time for it and are making great strides. Then boom, November 1st hits and the holidays are here and your work goes on the shelf, next to the elf that was probably put there when the clock struck midnight on November 1st. In addition to everyday life the other 291 days, you now have gifts to buy, meals to prepare for, cards to send out, family photos to take (and send out if they are your Christmas card), packages to ship, travel arrangements to make…the list goes on. But, during all these extra activities, you don’t stop going to work, or to school or paying your bills or visiting grandma on the weekends, so why would you stop writing?

Once you incorporate your writing into your daily routine, it becomes just as important as everything else you do and, therefore, not subject to being put on the back burner (besides there is not room there anyhow because you are using all of them for your meal). Here are some tips to keep you on point during this busy season:

  • Change your writing time. If, let’s say, you write from 8-9 in the morning, start an hour earlier or if you write in the evening, start an hour later.

  • Keep a notebook with you. Continue your story on the train, during lunch, or waiting in a ridiculously long line (like waiting to see Santa). You can always type it in during your writing time.

  • Ask for help. See if someone can take the kids to see Santa. Send your partner to the store. Or have the grandparents take the kids for a sleepover. Don’t try to navigate all this on your own.

  • Find ways to manage your anxiety. If the extra busyness puts your anxiety level at a new high, there are ways to combat that. Diffusers with essential oils. Crystals. Meditation. Prayer. Solitude in a warm bath or quiet room. BREATHE! It is so important you don’t ignore this.

  • Use the library. As we discussed last week. Don’t underestimate the power of the library.

There is really no reason not to write during the busy time of the year. Your story is important, so keep working on it.

Next week: Bringing the wisdom of Mary Kay Ash into the writing world.

Until next time….

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