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Give the Gift of Your Talent

I have one book published, two full length CDs and two single song CDs recorded. I have written personal songs for people. Some also have a video with the song. Some just a CD of the song. I have given signed books as gifts and my CDs as gifts.

It is not egotistical to give your talents as gifts. Considering the time, money and personalization we put into our talents, they are truly gifts from the heart. Just like crafters, writers have something special to offer. I enjoy going to vending events and seeing all the homemade items from honey and bar-b-que sauce to beautifully designed wreaths. I admire those talents. Writing is no different. Your friends and family will enjoy this more than a gift card. Most publishers will tell you to never give your book away for free. I say, it’s your book and you can do what you want. I had sales from people I did not know simply because I gave books away as gifts and those people gave it to others to read, and ultimately, bought one.

Sometimes exposure is more important than money. You never know who is going to read your work. Plus, a signed, first edition book can be worth a lot of money once you become well established.

And remember, the little drummer boy gave Jesus all he had, his talent.

Next Week: Self Care (I know it’s a bit off topic, but necessary when life gets super busy)

Until next time…

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