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Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, productive and creative new year! 

My 2023 didn’t go as planned health wise, somehow, ended up with some crazy spinal infection which took me out of commission until…well still. But I am improving to the point that I can return to what I love, which is writing. Pain still can be intolerable so I may not get to write as long or as often, but at least I can get to it daily.

I did, however, manage to finish the sequel to Eliza Jane last year. Eliza’s Revenge was released in August. I self published under Timely Talents. First time, there were some errors, but making mistakes is okay. I’ve noted them and learned from them. The errors are not in the story itself but the “behind the scenes” things, so if you haven’t had time to purchase the book, it is for sale in my website store and you will enjoy it (that is if you read the first one too). 

This year I am still working on my MFA. Four classes in and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I have begun my thesis project, which is a publication ready novel. The story I am writing is titled “Maybe Tomorrow”, set in Victorian London, readers will go back in time and meet Sarah Turner, a young widow who struggles to keep her linen shop open while capturing the attention of Allen Lee who arrived from Japan six months earlier to open a fishery. Trying to wait the formal year of grieving, Sarah turns down Allen’s dinner invites leaving room for the town gossip, Ameilia Crawford, to do her thing. Will Sarah and Allen end up together?  I will keep you updated throughout Sarah’s journey.

I am also doing something new this year. I am starting a newsletter. It will be monthly and will entail what I’m up to, what’s new in the writing world and book recommendations. All I need is your email on my website! Log onto my website at and enter your email and get news no one else will get!!

Until next time...

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