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How Do I Decide What Services I Need?

The first thing you need to do is hire a writing consultant, such as myself, who is going to ask you a series of questions, such as:

What is your writing goal?

What do you want to accomplish with your writing?

What is your budget?

What experience do you have with writing and the writing industry?

A few things to look for in a writing consultant:

  • A good writing consultant will listen to your ideas.

  • A good writing consultant will guide you on your writing journey..

  • A good writing consultant can help you through the rough spots.

  • A good writing consultant will not take away your ‘writer’s voice’.

  • A good writing consultant will not ask to be credited for your work.

  • A good writing consultant will refer you out if they cannot help.

So, the bottom line is you don’t have to decide alone. I wish I had known about writing consultants when I was writing my first book. It was a lonely journey and a hard lesson; something I will share up the road.

I will be taking August off from blogging. I will be traveling and finishing up my degree. I will be back after Labor Day to begin the series “Building Your Toolbox”.

Until next time…

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