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I took a break to finish my book and finish it, I did. I am proud of the sequel and I think you will enjoy it just as much as the first. For those of you new to my works, I will summarize the Eliza Jane books.

Set in Victorian London, our story revolves around free-spirited, lovingly obstinate and smart, sixteen-year-old Eliza Jane Merryweather in her hometown of Cornelius Falls, London. She works in her father’s office and is intrigued with a newcomer in town who is in need of a money lender and comes to her father’s office for services. Nathan Pogsworth III is ten years her senior, yet when their eyes met, there was an instant attraction between them. Of course, her father forbade her from seeing him. And of course, she defied him. Over time she and Nathan enter into a relationship that upsets many people. This relationship puts Eliza in the middle of secrets that could put her and her family in danger, and Robey is killed. Eliza sees no choice but to confide in her father. As things begin to settle down, Eliza and Nathan are married which brings more trouble into their lives; soon Nathan is dead.

Eliza vows revenge on those who took her beloved husband. She finds clues that her answers lie in America. She embarks on the seas to take her there. Her journey is going smoothly as she befriends a fellow Cornelius Falls townsman, Captain Rogan. She spends much of her time in her cabin or with Captain Rogan. She is alerted of danger and in fear of her life runs to find shelter with the steering passengers only to be abducted by three men and taken off the ship.

Now at the mercy of these men, Eliza finds herself scared and in an unknown place. Will Eliza find her way back home? Or will she be another victim?

Eliza Jane Available now $13 (+4 shipping)

Eliza’s Revenge Coming Soon: Pre-orders will be taken next week 🙂

Next Week: I will begin highlighting my CDs

Until next time…

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