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Is There a Solution?

Going off topic (in a way) this week. I know I was going to write about submitting your work, but I think this is more important. The Uvalde school shooting left me in tears. And unfortunately, it is not a new occurrence. Every time there is any kind of mass shooting, the President, Congress, Senators, Aldermen, Clergy and the general public scramble for what to do, but end up doing nothing, until there is another mass shooting. Thoughts and prayers are a great idea, but never gets anything settled. Gun laws come from the back burner to the front but, again, nothing gets accomplished or changed. Is it a gun issue? Maybe. I think it's more of an accessibility issue. Where are these people getting guns? Kids are taking their parent’s guns to school. This 18-year old legally bought his guns, but was there enough background information on him? What if buying a gun also required at least 3 character letters from people other than the parents or friends? Like past teachers, employers or spiritual leaders?

Besides the fact that these killers are getting their hands on guns, I’ve always maintained, and still do, there is an anger issue. Why are these killers so angry? Why are they so filled with hate? What signs are those closest to them missing? Or refusing to see? There is a quote from John Heywood (1497-1580) “There are none so blind as those who will not see”. No truer words are spoken.

The first school shooting that I remember was when Laurie Dann killed 2nd grader Nicholas B. Corwin on May 20th, 1988. Random shooting. Random school. She took her own life that day.

On April 20th, 1999, my daughter was home sick and we were watching TV when news broke about the Columbine shooting. Fear engulfed me that this could happen anywhere and was my daughter safe?

On October 2nd, 2006, an Amish one room schoolhouse was never the same after 6 children were killed.

It was shortly after that shooting I wrote the song, “When I Saw You Cry” (on my What I See cd).

V1:When innocence is taken away, but evil in disguise;

The world huts and openly weeps, I believe that God cries

R: When I saw you cry, as you said goodbye

When I saw you cry, I cried too.

There’s more to the song, but every time I perform it, I dedicate it to those who suffered a loss as a result of school violence.

So, is there a solution? Maybe, maybe not. But there are things we can do to maybe prevent another one.

  • Don’t turn away from signs that you notice. Whether it is your child or someone else's.

  • Check in with your children daily. Press them for information, look for unbecoming behaviors and let them know they can come to you with anything.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t accept “I was only joking” as an explanation to something said that is inappropriate.

  • Know what video games your child is playing and how it is affecting them. Ask questions. Play with them. Video games are not babysitters.

  • Know what music your child listens to and how it is affecting them. Ask questions. Listen to their music.

  • Become a community activist to keep children safe. Volunteer at your child’s school. More eyes the better.

I know this was a long blog, but when my heart hurts, I write. Please. Please. Please. If you see something (or have a gut feeling about something) say something.

Until next time…

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