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New Year, Stuck Me

Here you are in a new year and yet there is still a 2023 list of ‘Things To Do’ sitting on your desk. Sure, cross a line through the year and add 2024 but it doesn’t erase the feelings you may be carrying across the new year line. Of course it is nothing to beat yourself up about, unless there are a few things on there that keep getting pushed further down, placed on every new year ‘things to do’ list and now it's been 5 yrs, 10yrs, 15yrs or even longer. Maybe one of those things on that list is writing. Whether it be a fictional piece, poetry, memoir, children’s book or a collection of short stories. There is still time. There is always time to chase your dream. I never thought I’d be going back to school for any kind of degree let alone a MFA in creative writing, but for years I had that nagging, yearning feeling to get better at writing and storytelling. To create characters that readers will fall in love with or would love to demolish. To create page turning plots and storylines. And from reviews I’ve received from both novellas, I’ve done that, but now I have tools that can only strengthen what I already know. 

I am going to not only help you get started, but give you tips on how to keep that dream at the top of your list; here we go:

  • Pull out whatever notebook, writing tablet and special pen you bought years ago and put it on your desk.

  • Open it daily, write for at least 5 minutes everyday. Whether you just write your name and date ten times. This exercise gets the mind and body used to writing. I advise you to not do this on a computer as most jobs these days you spend enough time on the computer and you want to train your mind to get back to pen and paper.

  • Play around with your writing ideas. Write down random thoughts. Don’t worry about structure, grammar, spelling or punctuation. 

  • Make it a habit. AT LEAST 5 MINUTES A DAY. Yes, I know I said this earlier. That’s how important this is.

  • Once you start getting in a rhythm and ready to start organizing, start an old-fashioned outline or hire a consultant (such as myself…that will help you organize your thoughts and help you get started).

Also, if you say, “someday I’m going to write a book”, stop saying that. Our minds process what we tell it, so instead, say, “this year, I’m going to write a book” or if you need to break it down to smaller, manageable goals, “this year, I’m going to start my book and complete (x amount of chapters).”

A new feature on the website lists the services we offer. We have something for every stage of your writing. Check it out. And don’t forget to add your email to either subscribe to the NEW newsletter (beginning Feb 1st) or to the blog or both! 

Until next time…

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