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Simply the Best

Writing books, writing blogs, writing newsletters, that’s the simple job. This week I want to highlight the talent that keeps Timely Talents going. My daughter, Jessica, designed the website, maintains it, posts my blogs and formats my newsletters making them ready to send out so they are cute and readable.

Besides all that, she is a toddler mom (and those who are toddler moms know I really don’t need to say anymore, but I will), works full time (10 hour shifts) and goes to school part-time. Over the past year, she has helped out Mark and I with household chores, caring for our cat and guinea pig and carting me around to UI Health for appointments while Mark was going to his appointments. She is currently working on herself as well, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I decided I was done with corporate America in 2019 and wanted to own a business showcasing not only my talents but my skills as a writer and mentor. Jessica was supportive from day one and when I came up with the name Timely Talents, she designed the logo. She supported me when I decided to return to school in 2020. She has always been there with my music career, in fact in the forthcoming CD, you will hear her on a few songs as well. 

So, if you can, drop a line of love to my one and only child, the one who keeps me grounded and the one who I am proud beyond words. I love you, always, for you are simply the best.

Until next time….

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Jul 01

Thank you Mamere!

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