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Thank You

I want to take some time to say “Thank You” to you, my readers. Sometimes sitting behind a typewriter putting words on paper or staring at a computer screen in the hopes someone reads them, can be nerve-wracking. A writer is never quite sure who will read their work. However, according to my Wix report, there is an increase of 63% of readers/site visits from when I started in February, and over the last two months, there is a 47% increase of new readers/site visits. My most popular blog is “Two Words: Handmaid’s Tale”. It makes me happy knowing my work is read. I know many are anxiously awaiting the sequel to “Eliza Jane” and it is coming out this year!! I have also started a new work for my Advanced Creative Writing class entitled “Vortex Drifts”, also a mystery set in the late 19th century.

Now I want to hear from you!! What information would you like to see in a blog?

Feel free to share my site: and/or my blogs. I look forward to bringing you more writing tidbits and thoughts on what’s happening in the world. And, as always, if you or someone you know is interested in putting thoughts to paper and need help, Timely Talents is here to assist.

  • PSA: A couple of months ago, I gave some reference numbers for help with mental health issues. Starting July 16th, the new suicide hotline will be 988 throughout the United States. Easier to remember and I hope it saves lives.

Next Week: “Can I Edit My Own Work?”

Until next time…

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