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Winter Blues

So here we are in the middle of January. Most of us, me included, start having the winter blues. January lingers on. The weather is cold, snowy, icy, rainy, you know, blah. Gets dark early. Days where you’d love to stay home in your jammies, drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate and cuddle up with a good book or binge watch Netflix, but you can’t because you gotta go to work or run errands.  

Unfortunately, I’m just like you. I’m picking up sub days or running errands. If I’m staying home it’s because I'm in pain. (Back to my spinal infection issues). And after twenty years working in the mental health field, I don’t have the answers to solving the winter blues. Hope I didn’t leave you disappointed. Yet wondering what the point of the blog is. The point is, in spite of our busy lives, we must take time for ourselves. My daughter and I were just talking about ME TIME yesterday. The importance of it and the steps needed to take so it can become a regular part of your life. And Wednesday evening, I attended a webinar in “Mindfulness for Writers”. The host took us through some relaxation techniques that despite my husband and three-year-old grandson playing in the same room, I was able to participate. I think mostly because I have been practicing relaxation methods for close to thirty years. Had I been a beginner, I would have found it difficult. Basically Me Time and Mindfulness is about learning to not only take precious moments for yourself, but to also learn to block out everything else around you when you can’t get to a quiet place. It’s about being ‘in the moment’ and being ‘grounded’. Society has taught us we need to stay busy. WE need to be doing something every moment to the point we feel guilty if we take down time. During these blah days of January are the perfect time to start practicing some relaxation and how to be ‘in the moment’. It’s also a great exercise for anxiety and those who suffer panic attacks. 

You can google different ways to take Me Time and relaxation. But if you get stuck or don’t feel like doing the footwork, you can reach out to me.

Until next time…

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